Watches are my "pieces of jewelry"

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My love for watches has been with me all my life. It all started when my father gave me a simple and elegant mechanical hand-wound watch as an "heirloom" many years ago. I found the watch very beautiful and always loved wearing it. From then on, watches were my “pieces of jewelry”. I started collecting different models, most of which were mechanical timepieces. I quickly discovered that high-quality watches weren't exactly cheap, so I paid special attention to the price-performance ratio. Soon I had a large selection of differently expensive watches for every occasion - for example one with a steel strap for everyday use, one with a rubber strap for leisure time or others with elegant leather straps for going out.

Design my dream watch

When I wore my father's beautiful old watch, it often occurred to me to design and develop a watch with this special look myself. But I kept dismissing this thought. But in 2020, a few things came together in my life that finally led me to really put this idea into practice. It was supposed to be a classic and elegant watch with a high-quality automatic movement, a design that fits into today. A watch for men and women.

Different watch straps for all occasions

But the icing on the cake was still missing. "Wouldn't it be great if we could offer a lot of very special watch straps for our watch?" asked my wife when we were sitting together in the family again and discussing my plans for my own online watch shop. The idea was great, different watch straps for different occasions - something that makes the watch individual, changeable and fashionable. One problem remained: the cumbersome fiddling with changing the watch straps. A simple quick change system was needed!

Exciting development phase

The adventure began ... My background as a designer and my experience as an entrepreneur helped me with my project. After an exciting development phase with many drawings, countless conversations, discarding or developing new ideas, I was finally on the home straight with my watch: stainless steel case, strongly curved watch glass, elegant dial, high-quality automatic movement - everything fit.

The highlight: the quick change system

The development of the quick-change system for the watch straps should be an equally big challenge. It was a lot more difficult than I had imagined. Idea after idea, drawing after drawing, I slowly got closer to the matter. I had to dig deep into new computer programs. Months passed before the first draft finally became a realizable 3D model.

In September, the time had come: I held the first MISAR prototype in my hands. The watch had exactly the high-quality and light vintage look that I wanted for my small, fine watch shop. The new quick-change system for the watch straps worked perfectly. The second hand ran smoothly across the dial, thanks to the premium automatic movement Cal. Miyota 9015-20A. This is what “my watch” should look like!

A "big" and a "small" watch

My son, who is also a watch enthusiast, immediately offered himself “selflessly” as a permanent advertising medium. My wife said: “Very cool - and now we also need a slightly smaller and cheaper watch, exactly in the style for all watch and fashion enthusiasts with narrow wrists.” So I got back to work and developed the LALANDE. In the “classic” 36mm format with a high-quality quartz movement, it exudes the same charm as the MISAR, but is a little flatter and more filigree. The LALANDE is of course also equipped with the innovative quick-change system for the watch straps.

Our goal is to offer high quality, but affordable and convertible watches.

After an intensive search, we finally found a partner who could produce the watches according to our specifications in the high quality and quantity we wanted. Now we could start! We always offer the MISAR or the LALANDE in our online watch shop in the CHRONOVA package: high-quality watch with quick-change system + 3 watch straps of your choice.

We hope you are as excited as we are!


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